The difference between high and low voltage distribution cabinet and distribution box

Publish Time: 2023-03-08
The difference between a distribution box and a distribution cabinet

First, the conceptual distinction

1. Distribution box

The distribution box is a small power distribution box that contains the power switch and safety device. The structure is relatively simple, mostly used for terminal power distribution. Distribution box is the power supply system in the latter level of power distribution facilities, a distribution box can be a power supply line and multiple power supply output circuits, from the distribution box out of the power supply output circuit to each power load, because the volume of the distribution box is small, can not be put into large distribution equipment, so the capacity of the distribution box is not large, generally 4-8 small loads with a distribution box, distribution box arranged in the center of the power supply load, with cables or wires to send electricity to the load.

2. Power distribution cabinet

High and low voltage distribution cabinet is the upper level of the distribution box of the power distribution equipment, its volume is larger, which can be put into larger electrical equipment, so generally as a medium capacity load of power distribution equipment, including distribution boxes, motors, etc., its applicable capacity in various process fields are different, generally in a few kilowatts to dozens of kilowatts. On the basis of the traditional distribution box providing leakage protection and short circuit protection, it also provides overvoltage protection, ignition power failure, lightning protection, automatic power supply, temperature protection, power limiting, fault recording, self-test function, learning memory, mobile Internet visualization and digitization.

Second, the functional distinction

Simply put, the box that distributes electric energy is called the distribution box, and the distribution box is mainly used as the control and distribution of electrical equipment, and protects the overload, short circuit and leakage of the line. Distribution boxes are installed in various places, such as schools, institutions, hospitals, factories, workshops, homes, etc., such as lighting distribution boxes, power distribution boxes, etc. The distribution box is small in size, can be hidden in the wall, and can stand on the ground.

Both the distribution box and the distribution cabinet are indispensable infrastructure in people's daily life. Now some people do not realize the importance of distribution boxes and distribution cabinets, and they leave items on them at will, and even malicious damage, causing a lot of damage to power distribution facilities, which is not conducive to the development of power grid circuit systems.

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